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Hypnotism For Hummingbirds

A playfully untethered exploration of life as we've come to know it, set within the incriminating twists and extenuating turns of a diabolically twisted detective story (with certain extraterrestrial implications). The object of interest is a small, metallic pyramid called a Py. No one seems to know where it came from or how it could do what it is purported to do; a state of general ignorance that only fuels the government's determination to take possession. Enter private detective Koji Remote: His task is to find the woman who has the Py before the Feds get to her. At any rate, that's what he thinks he is being paid to do. Not surprisingly, things are a little more complicated.

Hypnotism For Hummingbirds


From: Hypnotism For Hummingbirds

The directory in the lobby listed suite number 126 as "Thompson, Gomez and Chu, Attorneys at Law." I located 126, considered knocking, but didn't. I turned the knob and gave the heavy oak door a gentle push. It swung open, smooth and silent, as if the hinges had been greased with some kind of high-viscosity immunity to natural law.

The room was spacious, with a receptionist's desk, a dozen or so leather-upholstered chairs—all unoccupied—and three frosted-glass doors, one on the left side of the room, the other two on the right. The woman behind the desk looked to be all of fifteen, but was probably older. I wasn't good at guessing people's ages.

"Can I help you?" the young woman said, with an enthusiasm suggesting that being of service was an essential component of her pleasure in life.