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8 Remote Women

The Stories: Eight short mysteries chronicling some of the more abstruse moments in the career of private detective, Koji Remote.

The Novella: "Some nights are just dark spots in space." So begins the The Case, in which Brock Meirski struggles to harmonize his inner demons with a world of mystifying contingency. Meirski refers to his personal quest as The Case, a curious mindset that colors his daily life in shades of minor crime investigation.

Reader Comments

British Sci-Fi author Steve Aylett described it as "...pattern-recognition On Overload..."

Pulitzer Prize winning author Douglas Hofstadter called it "...extravagant and highly unpredictable."

8 Remote Women


From: 8 Remote Women

The morning sprinkled its scruffy intimacy as I drifted down Chester Street, feeling oddly insulated from the traffic and all its bumper-to-bumper ideology. I stopped in front of a small shop, intrigued by the window display. Two mannequins were posed as if in battle, one choking the other with a very nice silk tie. Mounted on a slender chrome stand next to the frozen battle, a sign read, "Fight the Passage of Time!" On their side of the glass, it looked like the mannequins had won the fight. On my side, clocks continued their tick-tock parroting of infinity.